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Discover an exceptional range of services at Lucky Hexagon Bee Company. From expert beekeeping advice to honey extraction and other beehive services, our dedicated professionals exceed expectations. Let us be your trusted companion in all things beekeeping.

Contact Lucky Hexagon Bee Company below to reach our dedicated team. Your inquiries, concerns, and feedback are important to us as we strive to provide exceptional customer service. Rest assured, your needs will be promptly addressed as we prioritize your satisfaction.

About Us

Our History

Jay Hadam is a second generation beekeeper with over a decade of experience. He tends his colonies at multiple locations throughout Northeast Ohio.  His expertise and openness to sharing his love of bees and beekeeping has led to speaking engagements at local county beekeeping association meetings and even mentorships with individuals hoping to work with bees themselves.  He tends bees with the help of his mentees and his wife and two sons.  Focus is not only on what the bees can provide but also on true hive management to further sustainable, hearty bees that can survive Northeast Ohio winters.

Our Awards

We have entered our honey and honeycomb products in local county fairs yielding many first place and best of show ribbons for our “brag boxes.”

Our Supply

Our Products

Lucky Hexagon produces award winning liquid honey which is harvested and kept in smaller batches allowing production of both spring (light) and fall (darker) honey.  In additions to liquid honey, Lucky Hexagon also has a special interest in various forms of award winning chunk and comb honey.   Local sustainability is also a strong focus, so nucleus colonies (smaller colonies of bees including a queen, workers, frames of brood and feed) and even full 8 and 10 frame colonies are also seasonally available. 

What We Carry

We offer our honey in various volumes in plastic or glass containers, from 8 ounces to ½ gallon. We also specialize in custom party favors such as for baby and wedding showers.  We sell in bulk as well for mead makers and other commercial applications.

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Our Services

Swarm/Hive Removal

If honeybees take up residence in your home/business or you see a swarm in your yard please call us.  Swarming is a natural honey bee behavior but the bees can be saved and rehomed.  We have experience with removing colonies from homes and businesses as well as capturing swarms from yards. Please do not spray the bees with any form or chemicals.  We also remove abandoned hives or unwanted bee colonies.


If you are in need of honey bees for pollinating purposes please contact us. We assist farmers in Northeastern Ohio increase yields by providing pollination services.

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